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Undergrad Thesis

My thesis topic, titled "Vulnerable Layers: Exploring Affective Disorders through Destruction, Re-Assemblage, Needle and Thread", is researching personal experiences with anxiety and depression through vulnerable poetry writing and art making as forms of response. I am exploring these experiences through writing, canvas, acrylic paint, and a needle and thread, but most recently through altering books with needle and thread. Each poem and piece of art are originals.

The following works are final works from the series

"Repurposing and Transforming Vulnerability".

Repurposing and Transforming Vulnerability Artist Statement

Through my thesis series, “Repurposing and Transforming Vulnerability”, I combine psychological and physical worlds by representing aspects of life that otherwise would not be tangible. To do this, I write original poetry and alter books using various materials such as black and red thread, liquid black ink, used books, and pen ink. As a result, I hope to lower the negative stigma of affective disorders and vulnerability alike, and become more accepting of my own vulnerability.

As someone who has grown up with affective disorders in my life, I have denied myself the ability to feel vulnerable due to its association with weakness. Through the slow, gentle process of my thesis work, I have grown to be more accepting of my vulnerability. Each book takes on my own vulnerability, allowing the book itself to represent the process of accepting one’s vulnerability, and realizing that out of vulnerability comes the acceptance of destruction and transformation through exposure. Sequentially, the books that I am altering begin to take on a part of me, and with this, their own identity. Using countless materials with a limited color pallet, I have found myself expressing my sense of vulnerability and have grown to define vulnerability for myself as being brave enough to potentially be wounded. Although fragile this work is meant to be touched, looked through and ‘read,’ as I want people to have a first- hand look into my subconscious and personal experiences. Despite being unable to express my experiences with affective disorders and vulnerability through spoken words in the past, with the help of art I was able to start writing poetry, and eventually create this entire series of genuine work.

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